Acne Studies

There are dozens of acne sites out there but some are better than others. is a great site that holds an abundance of information for those suffering with acne. Acne can be a difficult time in someone’s life. Friends, family, and emotions will be tested. It can be embarrassing, cause a poor self-image, and decrease social activities, and possible effect employment opportunities. Acne though common, is a serious issue. Acne is not prejudice and can effect anyone at any point in their lives. provides acne treatment information and guidance, reviews of acne treatments, a store, and even a community. Within the community you can post picture, write a blog, or participate on the message boards. It is a safe environment where people from all over feel welcomed and accepted. Life can be rough for some people. Often times acne causes emotional and mental reactions. Within the websites community an individual can get advice, encouragement, be understood and get proactive solution.

In their online store they have pharmaceutical grade acne treatment available that are guaranteed and proven to work. They sell kits, auto-ship kits, cleaners, moisturizers, the famous jojoba oil, and they even sell accessories. The kits come with multiple bottles and washes. There are travel kits, kits for the face, the back, the body, and the scalp. They range in price anywhere from 15$ to 100$ per kit. Their products are guaranteed or your money back. With the support and products that this organization provides, it is clear why they have been so successful. is reliable in the information they give about your skin. Their experience in the field has made them great competitors. Though they offer great information, education, and products, they always recommend seeing a dermatologist. No site, no book, and no product can replace the benefits of speaking with your dermatologist. If you are looking for honest information based on facts then search and take a look around.

Dermatologists know of trusted sources and products. Their life’s work is in skin treatment. They can tell you your skin type and the form of acne you have. They explain your options to you and allow you to be part in your treatment process. If you have tried over-the-counter acne products with no success, then it is time to make an appointment with a dermatologist. There may be something else wrong or you may have a severe case of acne that calls for special attention.